Key Items to Look For in a Free Web Hosting Provider

Anyone with a website needs a web hosting server that can provide appropriate data storage services and store your information on the internet. Without a web hosting provider, you cannot access information about your website on global websites.

Hence, it is important to choose the right web hosting provider to support your business effectively. To get professional website hosting services in Perth.

” alt=”” data-src=”” />There are two main types of web hosting providers, paid VS free web hosting, both of which have their advantages and potential target market niches. Free web hosting is not for all web users.

Before you go ahead and ban your web hosting provider, let’s take a look at some of the most important elements to look for when it comes to free web hosting companies.


Investigate the number of times unexpected downtime on the free web hosting servers. And how long will it take to resolve the problem by staying? If the downtime is high and the time it takes to resolve the issue is longer than expected, try moving away from the web host as low reliability will drive existing and new prospects away.

Forced advertisements and banners:

Many free web hosting providers place their own advertisements and banners on their customers’ websites for publication and promotion. This is part of the “service” that you must provide in return for free web services offered by free web hosts.

Protocol for transferring FTP access files:

Nowadays, FTP access has become a necessity because it makes it easier and efficient to transfer files between the two protocols. One should skip the free web hosting plans if this feature is not included in the service.